71 next generation leaders awarded undergraduate scholarships

Westpac Scholars Trust has awarded 71 undergraduate scholarships to passionate students keen to contribute to a thriving tech sector and to Australia’s position in the Asia Pacific. This brings the total number of scholarships awarded in 2022 to 100, representing an investment of almost $4.5 million.


Among this year’s recipients is Tom Dickinson, an IT and Business student at the University of Tasmania who is passionate about the power of storytelling to unite people across cultural and language divides.


Supported by a Westpac Asian Exchange Scholarship, he plans to study at Kyoto University to explore his interests in Japanese language, storytelling, and history.


“Growing up as an Aboriginal man in Tasmania, with family from Cape Baron Island, I have developed an immense respect for culture and tradition,” says Dickinson. “I’m excited to take my studies and passions to Japan because it’s rich with both.”


After first being exposed to technology at the age of five, Priscilia Babalola became intent on exploring all that it had it to offer. In 2022 she will embark on a Bachelor of Information Technology at Murdoch University, with the help of a Westpac Young Technologists Scholarship.


“We have many platforms to help different kinds of people. I want to explore how technology can connect us even more,” says Babalola. “Technology is becoming more and more integral within society, becoming the main solution to fix many problems. I strive to explore how technology can answer and solve some of society’s major issues.”


Two of the five scholarship programs offered by the Westpac Scholars Trust target undergraduate students who are eager to develop their leadership capabilities and expand their networks and knowledge to help advance Australia.


The Westpac Asian Exchange Scholarship helps students build people-to-people connection in the Asian region and foster ideas beyond borders. 37 young Asia-enthusiasts have been awarded the scholarship in 2022 to undertake an exchange in one of six destinations in Asia. For the first time this year, Westpac Scholars Trust has extended the program, inviting applicants from all its university partners.


34 high school leavers have been awarded a Westpac Young Technologists Scholarship to begin undergraduate study at one of five universities in 2022, supporting these young innovators to explore how technology can benefit all Australians.


Despite different focus areas, all Westpac Scholars share a similar set of attributes.


According to Westpac Scholars Trust Acting CEO Amy Lyden, “Westpac Scholars are next generation leaders united by their generosity of spirit and driven by a desire to shape a better future.


“Whether it is a passion for Asia or technology, our scholarship programs are designed to empower and inspire these young future leaders.”

Both scholarship programs include a transformative leadership development program that Lyden says challenges the Scholars’ thinking and increases their access to new networks and opportunities.


“We work closely with our university partners to create unique learning experiences that will help all our scholars thrive.”


The University of Tasmania will deliver the Asian Exchange Leadership Development Program, while Murdoch University is working closely with Common Purpose to design and deliver the Young Technologists Disruptive Leaders Program.


In addition to the financial support, scholarship recipients become lifelong members of the program’s alumni, the Westpac 100 Scholars Network (W100). Growing by up to 100 Westpac Scholars every year, the W100 is a supportive scholar-led community that values diversity and creates opportunities for collaboration, professional development, networking and contributing to positive change in Australia.


“The W100 is an invaluable part of the scholarship program,” continues Lyden, “with many examples of scholars connecting, sharing ideas and collaborating to make a difference. Now with over 650 scholars, the potential of the network to create positive change is enormous.” 


To learn more about the 2022 Westpac Scholars, visit  the scholar directory.


Published 4 April 2022

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