2024 Westpac undergraduate scholars announced

Westpac 2024 Young Tech and Asian Exchange Scholars




Westpac Scholars Trust has awarded 71 scholarships, valued at $1.1 million to undergraduate students around the country who are on a mission to drive positive change through their studies.


Thirty-five Young Technologists Scholarships have been awarded to high school graduates who are passionate about technology and eager to explore its potential for good at one of five partner universities


A further 36 Asian Exchange Scholarships have been awarded, offering an international experience in one of six destinations in Asia, to help develop each Westpac Scholar’s cross-cultural intelligence and provide them access to networking opportunities with Australia-Asia thought leaders.


The scholarships are the latest to be announced as part of the Trust’s commitment to invest in 100 new scholarships a year, forever, in the areas of innovation & technology, sustainability, strengthening ties with Asia and social change. 


Key areas of focus for the Young Technologists include the rise of Artificial Intelligence (AI), cyber security and harnessing tech to improve healthcare and increase inclusivity.


Among those named this year is Emma Wilson, who is undertaking a Bachelor of Information Technology at Murdoch University, with a double major in AI and cyber security.


“Eventually I want to be able to establish a company that provides cyber security resources to the public,” said Wilson.

“I want to enable people to be conscious of their technological footprint and to educate them on cyber safety; especially elderly Australians and those living in regional areas, who often face the most disadvantage in this area.”


AI and exploring advances in STEM also featured prominently among this year’s Westpac Asian Exchange Scholars with almost one third of all Scholars citing opportunities to learn from advances in STEM and AI in Asia as the primary purpose for their exchange.


Vaishnavi Muddam is studying a Bachelor of Philosophy in Science at the Australian National University (ANU) focusing on physics and mathematics and aspires to pursue research in quantum and nuclear physics. She is passionate about advocating for inclusivity in STEM and is also currently the Executive Director of Fifty50, an organisation dedicated to gender equity in STEM, based at ANU.


“I am excited to expand my horizons through an exchange to the University of Tokyo and hope to contribute to global collaboration in science and advocate for inclusivity in STEM,” Said Muddam.

"I saw the Westpac Scholarship as an incredible opportunity to further my academic and personal development and amplify my impact on society."


In addition to financial support, both scholarships provide bespoke leadership programs, including a weeklong residential experience in Singapore to gain a better understanding of the tech landscape, develop their cultural competency and leadership skills, and learn from leaders in their respective fields to equip them to tackle the most pressing global challenges.


Valued up to $4.5 million, Westpac Scholars Trust awards 100 scholarships every year to university students, early-career researchers and social entrepreneurs to help transform the future of Australia. 


Congratulating the 2024 undergraduate Westpac scholarship recipients:


Westpac Young Technologists

·       Alicia Larme (Queensland University of Technology)

·       Alicia Wen (RMIT University)

·       Amelie Sedmak (The University of Wollongong)

·       Andrew Heins (The University of Wollongong)

·       Annabel Richmond (Queensland University of Technology)

·       Aryaman Chaudhary (Western Sydney University)

·       Astra Byfield (Murdoch University)

·       Badrinath Madhusudhan (RMIT University)

·       Beyza Ozdamar (RMIT University)

·       Brooke Powell (Murdoch University)

·       Claire Kitching (The University of Wollongong)

·       Elisha Cordero (Queensland University of Technology)

·       Emily De Zwart (Murdoch University)

·       Emma Wilson (Murdoch University)

·       Euan Christopher (The University of Wollongong)

·       Finlay Foster (Murdoch University)

·       Jazlyn Singh (Western Sydney University)

·       Kyriaki Dasaklis (Western Sydney University)

·       Lani West (Queensland University of Technology)

·       Lily Baxter (Queensland University of Technology)

·       Loren Yusuf (The University of Wollongong)

·       Lucy Bullock (Murdoch University)

·       Luke Brennan (Western Sydney University)

·       Matthew Battisson (Queensland University of Technology)

·       Matthew Nuske (The University of Wollongong)

·       Max Caruana (RMIT University)

·       Oisin Dietz Chretien (Western Sydney University)

·       Rebecca Mullock (Queensland University of Technology)

·       Sahaya Merin Victor Babu (RMIT University)

·       Spencer Keeghan (RMIT University)

·       Thomas Moore (The University of Wollongong)

·       Vaneel Chetty (Western Sydney University)

·       Vaughan Todd (Western Sydney University)

·       Zac Chu (Murdoch University)

·       Zara Laver (Queensland University of Technology)


Westpac Asian Exchange Scholars

·       Aaron Moffatt (Queensland University of Technology)

·       Adam Choong (Monash University)

·       Aimee Kim Lawson (Western Sydney University)

·       Alexza Faith Nival (RMIT University)

·       Ansu Merin Soney (University of Western Australia)

·       Arukakwa Ezeugo (University of Western Australia)

·       Avjay Bhar (The University of Melbourne)

·       Bill Chen (The University of Sydney)

·       Carmen Chung (The University of Melbourne)

·       Ella Bindley (Monash University)

·       Emer Hooi (The University of Melbourne)

·       Georgi Coddington (The University of Wollongong)

·       Georgia Arnold (University of Tasmania)

·       Holly Otto (The University of Queensland)

·       Hyunbae Jeon (Monash University)

·       Jade Li (The University of Sydney)

·       James Zhi Wei Yong (University of Western Australia)

·       Jemma Tan (The University of Sydney)

·       Jie Rui Lin (The University of Sydney)

·       Jing Yuan Wang (Monash University)

·       Jordan Jean Watt (The University of Adelaide)

·       Juliet Roux (University of Western Australia)

·       Lauren Luchs (The University of Melbourne)

·       Madeleine Grisard (The Australian National University)

·       Maggie Khan (The University of Wollongong)

·       Matthew Larsson (The University of Adelaide)

·       Mia Casey (The University of Melbourne)

·       Molly Topham (University of Tasmania)

·       Monty Hannaford (The University of Sydney)

·       Nasrin Sadiqi (Murdoch University)

·       Oliver Leeder (The University of Queensland)

·       Parwin Taqawi (Western Sydney University)

·       Sarah Millward (The Australian National University)

·       Shirley Zhang (UNSW)

·       Taylor Yeung (UNSW)

·       Vaishnavi Muddam (The Australian National University)


Published 18 March 2024


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