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5 reasons to apply for a Westpac Young Technologists Scholarship

From financial support to internship programs, our Westpac Young Technologists Scholarship is a holistic development opportunity for young Aussies looking to kickstart a career in STEM. Find out why so many high school graduates are choosing to apply for the scholarship in 2023. 

Unexpected highlights of being a Westpac Young Tech Scholar

While there’s plenty of obvious reasons undergraduate students apply for our Westpac Young Technologists Scholarship, there’s lots of other little-known benefits too. We chat to a few students to find out more about their program highlights, that by all accounts, appear to be the most life-changing.


Talented undergraduate students contribute to thriving tech sector and ties with Asia

Westpac Scholars Trust has awarded 70 scholarships to passionate undergraduate students keen to contribute to a thriving tech sector and to strengthen Australia’s position in the Asia Pacific region.