Three things about being a Westpac Future Leader that may surprise you

Leesa Chen, Westpac Scholar, 2019 Westpac Scholar

Scholarships are typically about money. The extra funds go a long way to support your study and living experiences. But what if there was a scholarship that provides the funds and support through peer connections, exclusive networks, bespoke leadership development and other growth opportunities to help you do better and be better? The Westpac Future Leaders Scholarship offers up to $120,000 in scholarship funds and so much more! Here are three things that surprised me about being a Westpac Future Leaders Scholar.


1.       Imposter syndrome is real

Westpac Future Leaders are overachievers and extremely talented individuals within their respective fields. I can recall being in Sydney for the final interview round, in awe of the shortlisted candidates and the esteemed National Selection Panel. The pinch-me moment hasn’t left. Nor has the internal voice telling me that there must have been a mistake when I was awarded the Westpac Future Leaders Scholarship in 2019. But despite my inner critic telling me otherwise, the one trait that I resonate strongly with is the humility that we all share as Westpac Future Leader Scholars.


2.       There is power in peer mentoring

Peer mentoring was highly recommended and encouraged throughout my Westpac Future Leaders Scholarship. Following the advice of Westpac Scholars’ residential expert Dan Carprar, Alexandra Procter, Umanda Madugalle and myself instilled regular catchups since first meeting on our 5-day residential program. Having started the Westpac Future Leaders journey together, we have witnessed each other grow and we continue to grow together. The support network I have developed, I take with me into my next endeavours.


3.       A network that truly nurtures

Westpac Scholars across the five scholarship categories have great minds, big ideas and most importantly, put other people before themselves. Being surrounded by social change leaders across the Westpac Scholars community has undoubtedly shaped my values and the type of person I hope to become. I am constantly reminded to bring an impact focused lens into the work I do and the decisions I make, both in the for-profit and the not-for-profit sector. Because of my Westpac Future Leaders Scholarship, I am a better person.


If you’re thinking of applying for a Westpac Future Leaders Scholarship – do it. You may even surprise yourself!

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