Introducing our 2021 Westpac Asian Exchange Scholars

Collage of 2021 Asian Exchange Scholars

Westpac Scholars Trust has awarded over $5 million in scholarships in 2021 to outstanding Australians who are determined to find creative new ways to solve problems facing our communities. Amongst these are 35 ambitious young individuals who will have the opportunity to study abroad in 2022, thanks to the Westpac Asian Exchange Scholarship. 


Valued at $12,250, the scholarship will give these undergraduate students the chance to spend up to 12 months in Asia from Semester 2, 2022 pending no travel restrictions, as well as connect them to a network of individuals who share their passion and drive to strengthen Australia-Asia ties.


The 2021 recipients include University of Sydney student Sneha Karri, who will spend six months at Seoul National University, South Korea. She sees this as a valuable opportunity to gain a new perspective on Korea and develop her leadership and translation skills.


“I am excited to gain career insights and an “inside-out” view of Korea that differs from my Australian perspective.”


Whilst abroad, Sneha plans to embrace the opportunity to deepen her knowledge and strengthen her relationships in the region both professionally and culturally.


“My ultimate aim is to help further develop Korean Studies academia in Australian universities.”


“I hope to pursue academic research, teach, and translate books from Korean to English in a variety of genres to create deeper understandings of the society and culture.”


“I also hope to mentor new generations of scholars and strengthen bilateral ties across the education sector, amongst others. I hope to become an effective bridge between Australia and Korea,” said Sneha.


Strengthening Australia-Asia ties remains one of the three key pillars of Westpac Scholars Trust’s strategy. Sneha and her fellow 2021 Asian Exchange Scholars are likely be one of the first groups of Australian university students to complete an exchange in Asia once travel restrictions are eased. 


According to Amy Lyden, Acting CEO, Westpac Scholars Trust, “With the pandemic and ongoing geopolitical changes in the region, now more than ever we need to continue to invest in developing young Australians as Asia-capable leaders.”


"We're working closely with our University partners and following the advice of Government. This is the second year we've had to defer exchanges, so we're hopeful by Semester 2, 2022 students will have the chance to study abroad again." 


In addition to financial support, recipients will undertake a bespoke Leadership Development Program in Asia, developed in partnership with the University of Tasmania and highly respected Southeast Asia specialist, Professor Nicholas Farrelly. To enrich their experiences, the scholars will also experience internships and volunteering in the region.


Every scholarship recipient also becomes a lifelong member of the program’s alumni, the Westpac 100 Scholars Network (W100). Growing by up to 100 Westpac Scholars every year, the W100 brings together people from all walks of life and provides access to professional development and inspiring networks. 


A further 36 Westpac Asian Exchange Scholarships will be awarded in early 2022 which will see over 70 undergraduate students undertake their exchange in the second half of 2022. Applications for 2022 scholarships open in in late 2021.


Exchange destinations include China, Hong Kong, Singapore, Japan, South Korea and Taiwan. 


Congratulations to the 2021 Westpac Asian Exchange Scholars.


The Australian National University

  • Jocelyn Chan

  • Jay Davies

  • Faith Kerehona

  • Andre Kwok

  • Saskia O'George


The University of Adelaide

  • Claudia Agius

  • Edward Choi

  • Mirco Di Giacomo

  • Glenn Tarawa

  • Emma Troughton


Monash University

  • Stephanie Carter

  • Callum Jamieson

  • Joslyn Ma

  • Rebecca Walters

  • Shiqing Wang

  • Kevin Yu


The University of Melbourne

  • Linh Ellis-Jones

  • Emily Lai

  • Dian Lin

  • Andrew Tan


The University of New South Wales

  • Hannah Chen

  • Christian Huang


The University of Queensland

  • Emerald Gaydon

  • Alexander Hendry

  • Sebastian Hirst


The University of Sydney

  • Monty Hannaford

  • Sneha Karri

  • William Lam


The University of Western Australia

  • Emma Bond

  • Benjamin Caulfield

  • Brian Chi

  • Steven Clarke

  • Bohemia Crawford

  • Huba Novak

  • Maria Waters


To read the bios of our 2021 Westpac Scholars, visit the Scholars page of our website.


Published 20 May 2021

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