Brianna Kerr

Brianna Kerr

Future Leaders 2020
The University of Sydney
New South Wales

Focus are

An inclusive country

About me

I once listened to a podcast where the interviewee was asked about her passions. She went on to list several and when she stopped, the interviewer confusedly asked, ‘How can you care about so many things?’, She replied. ‘Thinking that you can only care about one thing at a time tells me you are not very imaginative.’   I too, am passionate about a lot of things. I have worked with refugees and asylum seekers in Indonesia, profit for purpose organisations in Malawi and India and a charity in Papua New Guinea. I have co-designed global internship courses for students in Australia, delivered workshops on ethical volunteering and spent time editing media for an international NGO. Now, I run a social enterprise called Kua with my best mates. We use world-positive coffee to educate businesses about fair supply chains and sustainability. This mixed bag of experiences are the result of three things (1) an ever-curious mind (2) a go-get ‘em attitude and (3) my Mum.    On the weekends you'll find me in the sea, playing soccer or eating pasta.
"When I was 8 I wanted to grow up and be a garbage woman. Riding on the truck still looks like so much fun."

My passions

  • Social entrepreneurship
  • Human rights and business
  • Systems thinking
  • Interviewing
  • Circular economy