Don’t overlook a Westpac Young Technologists Scholarship

Three Young Technologist Scholars talk in a huddle

Written by Adam van Zuylen, Westpac Scholar, 2018 Young Technologist 

In 2018, I quickly dismissed many scholarships until I saw the Westpac Young Technologists Scholarship, which aligned with everything I was enthusiastic about. The scholarship is not an academic scholarship, nor is it an equity scholarship. It is a scholarship that seeks out people with a passion for technology and innovation, to help drive collaboration and insight in the technology industry.


Now in my fourth year of my Data Engineering degree, and my fourth year as a Westpac Scholar, I am grateful for this scholarship and the network of brilliant, like-minded individuals I have been able to connect with.


If you're passionate about tech and considering University next year, here are three good reasons to apply for a 2022 Westpac Young Technologist Scholarship.


1. Networking and friendships.

Throughout the scholarship I have attended many events, including the annual Westpac Scholars Summit where I was honoured to meet both the Westpac Chief Information Officer and Westpac Group’s CEO! I have also made some of my best friends to date – some with a passion for tech, some from other scholarship streams, including the Westpac Future Leaders Scholarship (applications are open for this scholarship right now too). The W100 (the official Westpac Scholars alumni) has hosted events that pushed me out of my comfort zone, improving my social skills and introducing me to people I would never have met otherwise


2. Scholarship funding.

As a student, I knew having some extra funds would allow me to focus more on my passions and less on having to work to support myself. Some of the things this funding has allowed me to do includes:

  • Purchasing a new laptop for university, maximising my productivity. No more overweight laptops to lug to uni!
  • Buying textbooks – These are critical for uni, I’ve never had to worry about the crazy costs because I know my scholarship funding can cover this
  • Completing additional online courses in subjects such as Data Science and Programming
  • Pursuing my passion for adventure – the financial support has allowed me to literally dive into my hobbies such as scuba diving with my University Scuba Club and venturing to Australian and Japanese snow fields to work seasons as a ski instructor.

3. Internships and employment opportunities.

While the scholarship doesn’t guarantee you a job or an internship at Westpac, there are plenty of opportunities made available to you through the W100 Scholars Network. I’ve had almost two years’ experience working for the Westpac Group, and I recently completing my second six-month internship. This has assisted me with the work experience requirements of my degree, and given me great hands-on tech experience within a large organisation.


I think it’s clear that this scholarship is everything a young person could want, so what are you waiting for? Go apply!

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