Hamish Clarke

Hamish Clarke

Research Fellowship 2022
The University of Melbourne

Focus are

An inclusive country

About me

My career goal is to bring science and society closer together. Studying bushfire and climate change has given me plenty of opportunities to work across disciplines and with industry, government and the public. I believe it is by tapping into this collective expertise and providing a holistic perspective on the nature of bushfire risk that we can collectively take sustainable and effective action.    I followed an unorthodox path before doing my PhD in climate science. Qualifications in business, international studies and biochemistry have given me a strong head for finance and marketing, a global outlook and a firm understanding of the molecular basis of life. Working in the public service gave me first-hand experience of environmental management and the science-policy interface.   The Westpac Research Fellowship is the logical next step for me, providing leadership development opportunities and diverse global networks which will help me to catalyse important advances in bushfire risk management and the public understanding of risk.

My passions

  • Bush fire risks
  • Climate change impacts
  • Science communication
  • Environmental management
  • Community engagement